Daniel Garner Tate

Grief can provide existential and theological meaning and purpose and can be a great source of new self-understanding for those who embrace it. Grief can provide an opportunity to listen to oneself, to improvise, and to create a new self. Accepting grief and engaging in prayer, spending time alone, and being with others in supportive […]

Derek William Eldridge

The tradition of Christian anarchism is rich and varied, with representation from across the spectrum of Christian faith and piety. However, Christian anarchist studies often weight heavily towards congregationalist and non-sacramental Christianities. This is an introductory effort in correcting that imbalance by offering reflections on pastoral authority from a Christian anarchist perspective within denominations with […]

Dennis Abraham

The Mar Thoma Syrian Church in North America faces challenges as a diaspora community. Revisiting Syriac liturgical spirituality can offer a meaningful resource for developing the ministry and mission of this church and foster a dynamic identity formation, which would help reignite an appreciation of the church’s tradition and promote generational retention in the churches.