Zulunungsang Lemtur

The tribal understanding of the importance of communal life serves as a foundation for the “Peaceable Dialogue” model – a non-violence model. Peaceful communities can emerge by including village leaders, women, and youth in dialogue that promotes positive peace. Such communities are critical to fostering a vibrant Indian democracy capable of celebrating its diversity in […]

Sanghyun Lee

This dissertation argues that the modern mechanistic worldview formulated during the scientific revolution was the primary trigger for the emergence of modern atheism. This study illuminates the origin of modern atheism in the Western world and simultaneously offers a new lens for understanding the conflict between modern atheists and theists that has continued to this […]

Hanna Kang

This dissertation is a theological reflection about the histories and realities of Asian Latinxs in light of the concept of mestizaje (cultural and racial mixture). This dissertation argues for a constant recognition of the inherent weakness of mestizaje to help Latinx theology notice the under- and mis-represented Latinx groups in the U.S. and an appreciation […]

Uzma Fatima Husaini

This dissertation argues that the Qur’an Muslims possess today has retained its essential features since first uttered by the Prophet. There is evidence from the continuous oral transmission of the Qur’an of the agreed upon recitations (qirā’āt), recensions (riwāyāt), and modes (ṭuruq) to substantiate this claim. The unchanging methods of orthoepy, through a link-transmission system, […]

Annie Vanessa Hawkins

This study unmasks the invisible marks of white supremacy embodied in theological and social understandings. A womanist hush harbor pedagogy privileges the epistemologies of the oppressed, exposes the irrationality of white supremacy and provides insights for constructing intentional liberative spaces for theological reflection. It investigates social practices that either transform or further embed white supremacist […]

Nancy Snowden Gutgsell

Historians of science have debated the complex science-religion relationship, reaching conclusions ranging from consonance to dissonance. This study’s contextual and biographical approach compares the engagement of seventeenth- and nineteenth-century scientists and theologians at the science-religion intersection. It contributes to current scholarship by recognizing the nuances in the science-religion relationship not categorizable as conflict, harmony, or […]

Laura Malia Dunn

This is a multimodal, interdisciplinary work that draws from cognitive linguistics and visual culture to illustrate how embodied visualization with the Tantric image of Parā Śakti functions to meet the Trika’s soteriological aim of nonduality between self and the world, illustrating and actualizing the potential of Tantric imagery to cultivate empathetic understanding with ideological and […]

Nicole Marie De Leon

Through the dynamic interplay between text and imagination, communitas and liminality, this dissertation transmutes three pilgrimage sites—the Camino de Santiago, the Chartres Labyrinth, and the Spiral Jetty—onto the landscapes of American modernist poet Marianne Moore’s poetry. Each site serves as a distinct pilgrimage paradigm examining how pilgrimage functions as process, setting, and structure in Moore’s […]

Amanda L. de Joinville

Through the exploration of Greco-Roman wall painting in both its chemical processes and applications in ancient surface decoration, and the psychological transformational processes outlined in the discipline of analytical psychology, this dissertation demonstrates how meaning is grounded in something beyond ourselves. Active engagement, embodied experiences and intellectual appreciation of these processes serve as a framework […]

Bright Singh David

This dissertation aims to extend trinitarian theology in the wake of the scientific concept of emergent complexity. Emergence involves the growth of higher-level complex systems that cannot be reduced to their lower-level properties. Most significantly, the perichoresis that unites the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit within the external or economic Trinity will affect the internal […]