William Zangeneh-Lester

There is an urgent need for the American community college educator to make and carry out a commitment to civic interfaith leadership. The community college educator as civic interfaith leader can and should examine and revise existing curricular and co-curricular resources by cultivating and sustaining commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion and the promotion of […]

Todd Whelan

This dissertation argues that European approaches to Jews and Judaism were construed alongside approaches to the unconverted outside Europe as part of a pan-Protestant-imperialist ideology of global conversion. As Protestant missions modeled their justification for their colonialism on the Christian gospel mandate, representations of Amerindians were increasingly cast in the language of Christian supersession over […]

Annie Vanessa Hawkins

This study unmasks the invisible marks of white supremacy embodied in theological and social understandings. A womanist hush harbor pedagogy privileges the epistemologies of the oppressed, exposes the irrationality of white supremacy and provides insights for constructing intentional liberative spaces for theological reflection. It investigates social practices that either transform or further embed white supremacist […]

Ki Do Ahn

With the insights from critical assessments of the existing Korean American pastoral care approaches through critical reviews of the Korean concepts of the self and how this concept evolves after immigration, process conversion theories, and in-depth interviews, this dissertation proposes the new Uri-sung (We-ness) pastoral care approach, for first-generation Korean converts to Christianity after their […]