Hanitra N. Ralaiarisedy

Using Luther’s biblical interpretations, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, and Peirce’s Abduction, this thesis reveals that justification involves two interrelated human processes coupled with self-actualization. It illuminates the Chalcedonian formula while demonstrating the disruptive effect of Trinitarian love and Christ’s salvific gift. This thesis promotes a path towards Christian unity and the […]

Ellen Jane Martin

The Slow Food movement is often understood as a secular food club. However, a closer analysis reveals that Slow Food utilizes a sacred narrative, represented by the values of good, clean, and fair food for all. The movement creates a robust moral order that has the potential to cultivate a system of belief, practice, meaning, […]

Jonathan Drake

This thesis provides an overview of the conspiracist community Qanon, focusing on how members create a shared identity in opposition to imagined enemies. Through analysis of influential sources, the thesis argues that Qanon is an interpretive community with a broad range of beliefs that is held together through the contrasting threat of the enemy.