Ismael Ruiz Abaunza

This dissertation argues that the dismissal of lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) educators from Catholic schools constitutes discrimination that is theologically and morally unjust. Theologically, it argues that walking a synodal path should inspire Catholic leaders to dialogue with (not exclude) dissenting Catholics. Morally, it contends that a civil right to religious freedom should never […]

Kai Daniel Moore

This dissertation analyzes the power and subjectivity demonstrated in Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection through the lens of Foucaultian biopolitics and intersectional queer theory, naming it as vital power. As revelation of God, this framework demonstrates divine power that incorporates the ambiguities of material life, relates in open and non-hierarchical ways (intratrinitarianly and with creation), and […]

Zulunungsang Lemtur

The tribal understanding of the importance of communal life serves as a foundation for the “Peaceable Dialogue” model – a non-violence model. Peaceful communities can emerge by including village leaders, women, and youth in dialogue that promotes positive peace. Such communities are critical to fostering a vibrant Indian democracy capable of celebrating its diversity in […]

Sanghyun Lee

This dissertation argues that the modern mechanistic worldview formulated during the scientific revolution was the primary trigger for the emergence of modern atheism. This study illuminates the origin of modern atheism in the Western world and simultaneously offers a new lens for understanding the conflict between modern atheists and theists that has continued to this […]